Claire Sailing

Boats and Beers: Microbrews on Freche Catch

There’s nothing much better than sipping a cold beer while relaxing on a cruise in San Diego bay.  We here at Claire Sailing love craft brews as much as we love the ocean so we thought we’d bring them together for our guests.

We know it’s not an entirely original idea, but we wanted to feature our favorites from the many fantastic independent breweries we have in town – which is now estimated at 150!  San Diego, if fact, is known as the “Capital of Craft”.  It is one of the leading regions in the world for innovative and tasty beer.  There is truly something for everyone.

So how do we find our featured brews?  Well, there’s an app for that!  Seriously, head over to, a site designed and maintained by the San Diego Brewers Guild.  You can explore everything from finding a brewery in SoCal to locating an event.  And check out their blog which does regular write-ups of new and existing brew houses.

But sometimes, we just stumble into something great.  And that’s what happened a few weeks back when we discovered Harland Brewing  They have several locations, but we frequent the One Paseo taproom tucked away in a cool outdoor mall.  Check it out.

This month we are featuring their Hazy IPA.  It’s absolutely delicious – smooth and well-balanced with a huge, hoppy aroma.  So come aboard, kick back, and enjoy a fresh complimentary brew (or two J) on us.

Happy sailing.